925 sterling silver Cushion Cut Solitaire Ring Set Code: 343


 White CZ diamonds made from premium simulant Cubic Zirconia

● 925 solid sterling silver 1.5mm bands

● 7mm cushion cut white CZ diamond on the engagement band

● Premium gift box presentation

● Innovative 2 ring wedding and engagement duo set – luxury for less

This beautiful and classic ring duo offers elegance and timeless good looks, complimented by superb craftsmanship and unmistakable attention to detail.  A premium engagement and wedding band set that perfectly mimicks the beauty of glittering white diamonds CZ.

Innovative design and luxury detailing make this elegant simulated diamond and silver wedding ring set one of a kind…

Solid sterling silver shines with a high end polish, crafted to perfection within each of the finely cut 1.5mm bands of this ring duo.The top of the wedding band is studded with inlaid shimmering white CZ diamonds, while a large cushion cut singular 7mm CZ diamond elegantly crests the peak of the engagement band, cradling it in a classic claw foot setting.



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