About Us

Our Products

Titanium and tungsten carbide rings
Titanium and tungsten carbide are mostly used on men’s jewellery because they are aaffordable, durable and up to 10 times stronger than gold and silver alternatives.

925 Sterling Silver
Offers optimal conditions for daily wear thanks to its high resistance and attractive design.

Cubic Zirconia
Our cubic zirconia stones are the best quality we can find with brilliance, clarity, and cut of diamonds, but without the price.

Who We Are

Forever And Always Jewels was founded in February 2019 by two cousins who after pulling of their weddings and having struggled to find reliable wedding vendors decided to act as an intermediary between former brides and future brides looking to hire or buy wedding dresses. As a result this service expanded into providing a wide range of products including wedding bands and collection jewelry.

Our aim is to ensure our clients don’t break the bank to look elegant and classy. We offer a wide range of unique and affordable products for both men and women and strive to ensure there is something that suits everyone’s tastes. We try our very best to keep up with our clients requests.
We still class ourselves as a small business but we aim to deliver a lasting impression to our clients and stakeholders. The joy and happiness of our customers is what motivates us and being able to connect with people from different walks of life.