8mm Black Tungsten Wedding Engagement Ring With Gold Interior Code: 543


 constructed from top-tier tungsten carbide;

– black ion-plated coating;

– gold interior;

– 8 mm band;

– a no-charge gift box is included with every order.

Magnetism of Black

Tired of gold and silver wedding jewellery? Why not try something new? This trailblazing 8mm Black Tungsten Wedding Engagement Ring With Gold Interior is an exciting alternative to precious metals. Its stylish black finish lets you command the room and gives you a boost of confidence. We combined a brushed and polished finish to propel the appeal of this piece to further heights. Smooth and shiny streaks decorate the edges and the centre portion of the band.

Worth its Weight in Gold

Black is easy to pair with any other dramatic colour… so we combined it with gold. But we did it in a clever way. A gold finish sits inside the band meaning it is for your eyes only. It peeps out only on the edge providing an interesting accent to set your eyes on.

Although this ring is made of tungsten carbide, it radiates the same nobility as gold. In many aspects, it is even better than the yellow metal. Tungsten is the hardest material we use to craft our jewellery. It is 10 times harder than gold and way more scratch resistant. ITo minimize wear and tear, we introduced a protective coating.



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